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We are the UK'S first juice detox and kambo retreats, being the first of its kind...

Cleanse & Restore Retreats

We are Cleanse and Restore Retreats. The UK’s first juice detox and kambo cleanse retreats. We create the opportunity for people to come together to cleanse, restore and heal. Cleansing for 3 days on a tailored juice programme with daily yoga and movement practices, meditations and breath work sessions, live music and sound journeys to ice bath experiences, nature connection and wild swimming - each retreat is unique depending on the location.

With lots of spaciousness to just ‘be’ with time to contemplate and integrate, connect and be on the land that surrounds us. On the final day to complete we offer the opportunity to take the cleanse deeper with a Kambo Ceremony (this is optional)


Our juice programmes can be tailored to dietaries and special requirements and all of sessions are tailored to meet the needs of all abilities and experience, wherever you are at in your journey.

Our retreats cater for and are inclusive to all - all is welcome.


Our commitment to you is to create a held space for the duration with qualified practitioners to support you in your detoxification and cleanse, plus follow ups and aftercare post retreat.


We are a devoted team dedicated to supporting your health, happiness and well-being. Come join us to drop deeper into your body and heart and cleanse, restore, heal and feel nourished - aligning you deeper to your life, path and purpose.

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Why choose us? 

Our Retreats

Time to let go

Throughout our time together we will be creating space to observe the mind. To be the witness, observing and purifying old programmes, patterns and self limiting beliefs. We understand that a healthy mind is just as important as a healthy body, which is why we create opportunities for us to look within and contemplate, to purify the mind and its chatter. Our retreats are containers that can allow you to release what is holding you back, to release stress and anxiety and reconnect with yourself so you can be the best version of you.

Time to make changes

At Cleanse & Restore Retreats, we believe that the key to a healthy life is taking care of your physical body. Our incredible temple that houses our spirits. Detoxing with juice allows a purification process to begin in the body, a rest from digesting and a reset of the internal systems brings incredible benefits and healing to our bodies and lives. Alongside juicing our retreats are designed to help you connect with your body through daily movement sessions. 

Time to let your soul speak 

What does it look, feel, taste and smell like to live your dream life? What is your souls true calling? What are you unique gifts and talents? What is your mission and what are you here to do?

What changes do you need to make to live in optimal health and embody your fullest potential? These are themes and questions we may contemplate during our time together.  Enabling you the space and opportunity for you to look with the lens of enquiry, curiosity love which allow realisations, revelations and insights to flow into your life.

Where are our Retreats

Our retreats are located in beautiful locations sunken in nature around the world. For more information on how to get to our retreat locations, please contact us at

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