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Why do a Juice Detox?

The benefits of replacing food with juice can be hugley transformational and create big changes in the body, as the digestive system and organs have the opportunity to focus on cleansing rather than digesting and assimilating food.


Toxins build up in the body from food, drink, prescription and recreational drugs, environmental pollutants, caffeine, alcohol, cosmetics, emotional stress, negative thoughts, suppressed emotions, and so much more. These toxins, if not removed, can stop us from being at optimal health and affect our energy levels and can contribute to sickness and ill health. 

What kind of juice detox is it?

Our juice programmes are made with nutritious fruits, vegetables and super foods. Each programme changes depending on the retreat and time of the year. We also incorporate tinctures, herbal supplements, pre & probiotic supplements and herbal teas to support the detox process. 

- Our juices can be uniquely tailored to you to meet your dietary requirements.

Do I have to be on a juice detox programme to be able to come?

We encourage the juice detox however if you have health conditions, are on any medications, or you can feel resistance to having juice all weekend we can support and tailor a plan to suit you. This could look like having soup in the evenings - we cater for everyone and are able to support everyones needs and unique circumstances.

Head to our Q&A page or message us directly with any further questions around our juice programmes

We are here to fully support you on your journey of personal development.

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